Net Data Centers is an Internet based data service provider.




Partnering with companies all over the world and across both the public and private sector, Net Data Centers delivers tailored, enterprise-grade cloud and data center solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our highly customized services are built to leverage the latest innovations in infrastructure, data management, and security to bring your customers and partners together in new ways and with complete confidence.
Our suite of cloud, co-location, network, and managed services provides a one-stop shop for all your data center and cloud computing requirements. All our services are built to be highly available within world class data centers. We also offer a variety of industry specific data security and management solutions to support audits and meet compliance requirements.
Net Data Centers Customized Solutions Include:
We offer both private and public cloud solutions to our customers, providing complete choice when it comes to how you consume our services, varying service levels, and customized security options for mapping directly to your unique cloud strategy and data requirements.
Public Cloud
Our public cloud services are offered in a fast, easy to use, and scalable subscription based model as part of our Vega solution. This is a great option for companies with short term projects, looking to stand up a development or backup environment quickly, or just those who need additional compute power.
Private Cloud
For companies looking for additional control, we also offer a Smart Rack DC. Through their own virtual and dedicated private cloud and network infrastructure, our customers receive additional control and service options related to data residency, SLAs, and managed services. This is a great option for companies with specific infrastructure requirements, or who need to comply with strict data security regulations like HIPPA, and PCI DDS.
No two businesses are exactly alike, so Net Data Centers has designed our colocation services to be as flexible as your business needs to be. With millions of square feet of state-of-the-art data center space across the globe, our secure, reliable, and highly customized data center solutions are available to you on-demand, 24X7.
Keeping your network up and operational in accordance with our guaranteed service levels is our top priority. Through advanced technology, robust infrastructure and integrated communications backbone, our customers trust us with their most mission critical business applications. Dedicated, Net Data Centers professionals provide around the clock monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure optimum efficiency and maximum uptime.
Net Data Centers offers a wide range of managed professional services catered to organizations of all sizes and scopes. Leading social networks, enterprises, finance, content companies, and communications service providers rely on our data center management experts every day for uninterrupted operations to support their mission critical applications.

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