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Singapore Net Data Center – SIN1

SIN1 is Net Data Centers latest state-of-the-art location, delivering highly secure and reliable IT infrastructure services. Designed for high-performance and energy efficiency, SIN1 will help you better manage costs, improve operational performance and resiliency, as well as respond to business needs more quickly.

As one of the biggest data centers in Singapore with 150,000 square feet of Colocation space, SIN1 provides the latest data center technologies with a full suite of managed service offerings to customers looking to outsource their IT infrastructure and operations. Enjoy convenient one-stop access to Net Data Centers end-to-end managed IT and professional services to address all your business computing needs.

Net Data Centers has the following location in Singapore:

SIN1 is built to TIA 9421 Tier-IV specification

The highest standards for reliability.

Purpose-built nine story building
2 x Main Passenger Lifts
1 x Cargo Lift

Floor Loading of 12KN/m2;
Floor to Floor Height of 5m
Raised Floor Height of 1000mm
Fault Tolerance and Uninterrupted Operations

Fully redundant Power
Fully redundant Cooling
2 separate network rooms and Main Distribution Frame (MDF) rooms
2 separate communication risers
General Building Information

Cooling System and Environment & Climate Control System
Chiller Configuration with Dual Ring Closed Chiller Systems
Chilled water system backup by air cooled
Fully Redundant CRAU
Cooling density of at least 1500W/m2
Next generation chillers which surpass SS5302 standards.
Fully integrated and monitored climate control systems

HT power via 2 separate substation
Switch Board Configuration : 2N
Un-interruptible power supply (UPS) : 2N
Separate UPS Battery Room
Power Generator : 2N

Advanced Fire Detection and Suppression System
Gaseous suppression and VESDA systems
Pre-action sprinkler and smoke detection
Fire rated doors and partitions
24×7 decentralized fire alarm monitoring that links directly to an external fire monitoring agency

Stringent high-tech security measures include:
Contact-less card access systems
Centralized rack locking system
24×7 Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring system
24×7 physical security monitoring

Mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power, fire and security systems are fully monitored 24 x 7.

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