Net Data Centers Company History


Net Data Centers Company History


Co-Founder and CEO Pervez Delawalla started the company in 2001, after identifying a gap in the marketplace for flexible, fully managed data center services. His vision was to offer customers premium customized technology solutions that are always on – just like their business.

Net Data Centers early success presented an opportunity to evolve its services portfolio into delivering colocation services via state-of-the-art data centers across the United States and Asia. Since 2006, Net Data Centers has delivered customers 100% availability through continued adherence to the principal philosophy of serving customers with uncompromising quality within best in class data centers.

In 2014, the company formerly known as Net2EZ was renamed to Net Data Centers. In addition to the name and branding change, Net Data Centers once again expanded service offerings, this time to include public cloud and private cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-services (IaaS) solutions to customers.

Once again, the company identified a gap in the marketplace. This time, it saw an opportunity to provide not only compute and IT infrastructure capabilities ‘as a service’, but offer customers a completely managed solution, running on fully dedicated hardware and environments. Net Data Centers took the familiar on-demand, pay-as-you-go public cloud consumption model, and added more flexibility, greater control, and worry-free reliability. Net Data Centers believes this strategy is a differentiator from other IaaS cloud providers in the industry.

Ultimately, the goal of Net Data Centers has not changed over the course of 13 yrs of business; the main focus is to strive to continuously evolve and better enable customers with the tools they need to successfully support and deploy their next generation business solutions.

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