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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Net Data Centers has partnered with EMC to provide the industries leading backup solution to customers who are looking for a top-tier reliable data backups. By Leveraging Net Data Centers Back-up-a-Service, organizations are able to reduce costs and risks associated with backing up their data, while helping drive faster innovation by reallocating in-house IT resources to delivering high-value, differentiated services to the organization. With Net Data Centers BaaS, you get enterprise-level backup that’s delivered through an easy and predictable cost model, and without having to worry about buying any hardware or software to manage it. We manage it all for you.
Key benefits and service options include:
• Improved disaster recovery and service levels
• Lower data center costs while satisfying long-term retention needs
• Managed configuration and implementation, monitoring, and reporting
• Backup and/or full recovery, and initiation of restores