Net Data Centers is an Internet based data service provider.

Interactive Media


Interactive Media

Fast, Scalable Cloud Platform for Short Term or Cyclical Projects
Net Data Centers offers Interactive and Marketing Agencies a public cloud platform with an easy, pay as you go pricing model that’s perfect when needing to execute short-term campaigns and projects. With Vega, you have a highly scalable and flexible solution, accommodating the temporary need for a virtual machine or several, load balancing during peak loads and high traffic periods, and other finite period cloud computing requirements.
Net Data Centers can work with you to build a custom server architecture to handle your traffic requirements. You spent time building the application – let us do the rest. With a wide variety of templates to choose from you can provision resources in minutes, including Load Balancing instances. When creating highly visible campaigns there is a lot on the line. With Net Data Centers Vega – we keep you online.

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