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Dedicated and Managed IaaS for the Enterprise
Net Data Centers fully dedicated and managed IaaS solutions for the Enterprise provides world class cloud computing and IT infrastructure solutions through a flexible, highly configurable pay-as-you-go service model.
Enterprises Are Rethinking Their IT Strategy
Cloud computing, virtual environment, massive growth in unstructured data (Big Data), transactions data volumes, fast paced web applications and demands for energy efficiency are all driving data centers to rethink how IT resources should be deployed. Many enterprises are transforming their IT infrastructure from multiple independent data centers to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, in which shared pools of compute and storage are made available to end-users on a self-service basis, while providing significant improvements when implemented properly. To aid in this transformation, IT managers need the proper tools to help them provide the array of IT capabilities required throughout the organization without stretching their staff and budget to the limit.
Net Data Centers IaaS Dedicated Cloud Solutions Are Different
Going beyond just compute capabilities ‘as a service’, Net Data Center offers enterprise-grade, completely managed cloud infrastructure solution, running on fully dedicated hardware and environments. By combing an the on-demand compute power enterprise customers need coupled with the flexibility, greater control, and worry-free reliability they really want, Net Data Centers offers a very different kind of IaaS solution.
Driving More, Faster Innovation
By consuming your IT infrastructure and computing requirements ‘as a service’, there is no hardware or software to buy, nor the need to maintain and manage these systems. Instead your IT organization can focus on delivering high-value added services and new innovations to your business. You have access to the compute power you need almost instantly, accelerating your time to value and enabling you to respond to new business opportunities with great speed and agility.
In addition, Net Data Centers is always updating and improving our infrastructure and IT tools that are running your systems, giving you continued access to the latest hardware and software innovations. You are always current on the latest updates, with the flexibility to scale up and down quickly as your requirements change and evolve.
Secure and Reliable
Net Data Center-badged security and data protection specialists are included with your cloud service, to help ensure your information and systems are secure and available using the latest security protocols and threat prevention technologies. With our legacy in delivering enterprise-grade, customized managed data center services to Fortune 500 firms, Net Data Center brings the expertise necessary to deliver a high performance, reliable, and secure cloud infrastructure solutions. Our U.S. data center locations span the country, and offer the latest if physical security and processes, and have completed multiple security audits.