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Dedicated and Managed IaaS for Internet Retailers
Net Data Centers fully dedicated and managed IaaS eCommerce solution enables internet retailers to focus more on their core business and driving growth across online and mobile commerce channels, rather than spending time on managing their IT infrastructure.
If your online and mobile customer channels are key components to your business’s success, then you understand how critical it is to have fast and reliable performance when it comes to your website and online store. And if something goes wrong and there is an outage – you need to be back up and running immediately or the impact of lost revenue and customer attrition, as well as damage to your brand can be devastating.
Net Data Centers offers internet retailers a powerful, platform agnostic, eCommerce cloud infrastructure solution, or IaaS. With our expertise in delivering enterprise-grade, customized managed data center services to Fortune 500 firms, Net Data Centers brings the expertise necessary to deliver a high performance, reliable, and secure eCommerce solutions that can handle even the most demanding peak and unpredictable workloads.
By consuming your IT infrastructure and computing requirements ‘as a service’, there is no hardware or software to buy, nor the need to maintain and manage these systems. Instead your IT organization can focus on delivering high-value added services and new innovations to your business.
Net Data Centers-badged security and data protection specialists are included with your cloud service, to help protect sensitive customer and transaction data with the latest security protocols and threat prevention technologies. This can help you comply with a variety of data security standards and regulations, such as PCI DDS.
In addition, Net Data Centers is always updating and improving our infrastructure and IT tools that are running your systems, giving you continued access to the latest hardware and software innovations. You are always current on the latest updates, with the flexibility to scale up and down quickly as your requirements change and evolve.