DDOS Mitigation as a Service

DDOS Mitigation

Net Data Centers offers state-of-the-art DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection services on-demand or through a subscription based model. With a few simple steps done on our end, we can deploy DDoS mitigation to any customer residing within our network, at any location.
Net Data Center customers will get access to our comprehensive DDOS monitoring platform to view real-time reporting and trend attack data.
It is can be costly and overwhelming to implement in-house DDOS mitigation solutions. Configuring hardware is complex and does not always protect you from larger attacks. With Net Data Centers, you can leverage our expertise for 24/7 DDOS protection.
Key benefits and service options include:
• Low point-of-entry to get state of the art DDOS protection
• Fully managed DDOS protection and mitigation 24/7
• Reporting and real-time statistics in a dedicated portal
• Increased availability and protection for at risk web properties