Net Data Centers is an Internet based data service provider.




Leverage Net Data Centers Infrastructure
Net Data Centers Public Cloud quickly and cost effectively gives developers and IT professionals the tools needed to build failure resilient applications in the cloud.
Without having to worry about infrastructure or hardware, you simply log into your account, and can provision new server instances and compute power in minutes. Net Data Centers Cloud services are delivered out of our state-of the-art data center facilities and runs on the most advanced, reliable, and secure infrastructure.
Together this empowers you to scale up and down as quickly as your business needs change, and always only paying for what you use.
Key Features and Benefits:
• Secure: Hardened security at multiple technology layers, and advanced networking functionality
• Reliable: 15 yrs experience delivering world class network infrastructure, data center services
• Flexible: Complete choice of templates including customized OS, memory, CPU, etc.
Net Data Centers public cloud solutions combine best of breed technologies, infrastructure, people, and processes to provide a high-performance, scalable and secure enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive outsourced service for interactive media and marketing agencies, development or DR needs delivers Net Data Centers unique combination of:

    Technologies – flexible & adaptable hybrid infrastructure—combining enterprise cloud, managed hosting and data center colocation — for tailoring solutions to your exact requirements.
    Infrastructure – Tier III+, SSAE Type 2 certified Data Centers deliver 100% uptime SLA’s while allowing your bandwidth, storage and compute resources to grow right along with your success and evolving needs.
    People – IT facilities and services experts working as an extension of your team, accessible when you need them to optimize performance, maximize uptime and maintain security.
    Process – We follow stringent processes to ensure solutions are delivered and maintained to the highest standards. These processes have been in place for years and verified per our SSAE 16 Type 2 certification.


    Interactive Media – Execute short lived campaigns quickly, with very little upfront cost, and the flexibility to scale up or down on-demand, or even turn the service off when a project is completed, just like a utility
    Development – Stand-up sandbox or development environments with no hardware or software to buy, while leveraging world class infrastructure, scale, and security features that’s all built in
    Disaster Recovery – Beyond just recovering your IT environment, our public HA/DR services make sure systems, business processes, and employees are back in a position for fully restored business continuity


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